Fan Fiction

          A Heartland Fan Fiction Story

Chapter 1 New Beginning’s  

It was 7:00 am. Mallory Wells hit the button on her alarm clock, got dressed and headed over to heartland. It was a lovely summer day today. The birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing everything seemed alive and happy, Mallory thought. Although once Mallory had gotten to the Fleming- Barlet residence; she realized everyone seemed to be in a grouchy mood.
“Can you pass the coffee pot Amy?” Lou asked.
“You can get it yourself; you are closer to it anyway.” Amy announced.
 “What about you Grandpa?” Lou offered.
“You know Lou; I think you’re quite capable of pouring your own cup of coffee.” Jack said.
“Auuuhhh, I just wanted someone to pass it to me!” Lou declared.
 “Fine I’ll just do it myself!” “No one seems nice enough to help out anyways.” Lou added.
 “Well maybe we don’t want to talk to you after what happened last night.” Said Amy.
“What happened last night, and why does everyone seem so grouchy?” Mallory asked.
“Lou was baking last night, she fell asleep, the food caught on fire, the smoke alarm went off oh and the fire men came.” Explained Amy.
 “That pretty much describes last night!” Said Amy.
“Wow!” “Sounds like I missed a lot!” Mallory said.
 “Well, ya sure did Mallory.” “But everything’s ok now.” Jack exclaimed.
 “Hey, Mallory check out the burnt stove and floor. Said Amy.
“Wow, now that must have been a pretty bad fire!” “Hey at least the rest of the kitchen is ok!” Mallory said.
 “Uhhhh Mallory!” Said Lou.
 “So you going to make any more fires Lou?” Amy asked.
 “AMY!!” Lou yelled.
“Ok everybody, I was just trying to bake something for the Hudson Bake Sale today!” “This is being held by Mrs. Bell for some poor foal that needs surgery.” Lou explained.
“You know; I heard about this bake sale thing, Maggie and I were talking about it at the diner.” Jack said.
“That’s really nice people are helping this poor little foal out.” “I’m really proud of Lou, helping out to this cause!” Jack announced.
 “Thanks grandpa.” Lou said as she hugged him.
 “Hey Amy, maybe you should go and wake Ty up; tell him breakfast is here.” Jack said. “Oh, good idea.” Amy answered.
Amy headed out to the barn and up to the loft. There she saw Ty fast asleep on his bed. Amy sat beside him on the bed. Amy started thinking about Ty and her and how they just got back together a while ago. But things had been a bit shaky between them lately, and Amy wanted to put all that behind them.
 “Ty.” Amy whispered.
 “Ty, breakfast is ready.”
 She lightly brushed his arm, and then his eyes opened.
 “Good morning sleepy head.” Amy smiled.
“Oh, did I sleep in.” He yawned.
 “Mmm, just a bit.” Amy said.
“So did you get me anything special?” Ty asked as he sat up.
 “Well, no but I did manage to get a few blueberries away from Grandpa.”
She said as she gave Ty a small bowl of blueberries.
 “Hey, that’s something!” He added.
 Just then Amy took a small handful of blueberries and put them in her mouth.
“Hey!” Ty said. I thought those were for me!”
 “Oh I just took it for granted that you knew these were to be shared.” Amy commented.
Ty laughed.
 “Ok you better get ready and get dressed because Grandpa will want you to start work soon.” Said Amy.
 “Ok, ok.”  Answered Ty.
“Oh Ty, I was wondering did you hear at all what happened last night, like it was quite loud!” Amy stated.
“Nope, once I’m out, I’m out.”
 “I told you before, I could sleep through a hurricane!” Ty answered.
“Well I’ll fill you in, in a bit.” Amy answered.
 Then she went back to the house to finish her breakfast.
When Amy got back to the house she saw that Peter was up with the new baby, Katelyn.
 “Hey little Kate babe.” Amy said as she kissed the little girl’s head. Katelyn smiled at her.
 “Did you get any sleep honey?” “You look tired.” Lou commented.
 “Well I did get a few hours of sleep but I was up all night with little Kate.” Peter Answered.
“Oh Peter, I’m so sorry.” “I’ll deal with her tonight.” Lou said.
 “Oh, and don’t worry there won’t be any smoke alarm or fire truck to scare the baby anymore!” Lou added.
 Mallory laughed.
 “What?” Lou asked.
Later that day, Lou went to the Hudson Bake Sale. Lisa, Jack’s girlfriend let her bring some of her baking. The bake sale turned out to be quite a success and turns out they raised enough money for that poor little foal. Oh and Ty was informed about everything that happened last night, from of course Mallory.
That evening at supper…
 “Ok everyone, now I’ve been talking to you all about this before.”
“Tomorrow, Clint Riley, Ty’s old probation officer will be coming and bringing a new person here to live and work here.” Jack said.
 “Does this mean Ty has to go?” Mallory asked.
 “No, of course not!” Jack answered.
 “Oh good!” Mallory said.
 “Wait, I don’t want it to be badgers old girlfriend!” “She never returns my phone calls.”
 “Hey what if it was Badger!!!”
 “Hey, Amy, wouldn’t that be cool if Badger was the one coming because I haven’t seen him in so long!”
“You know that would be pretty awesome, I miss him so much!!!”
 “Like we only text and...”
 “Mallory, enough!” Amy said.
 “ Ughh that would just be sooo cool to see him again!” Mallory exclaimed.
 “Ok Mallory, maybe you should tone it down a bit.” Jack said.
 “Oh, sorry!” Mallory answered.
“Hey, you know Jack I was wondering, where did Shane and his mom go, haven’t seen them all day?” Mallory asked.
 “Oh, Shane, his mom and Tim went on family trip.” Jack answered.
Lou and Amy exchanged looks.
 “Oh that must be fun!” Mallory said.
Just then Lou excused herself from the table.
That night everyone at heartland slept better. Especially, Peter because he got more than four hours of sleep.
The next day everyone got up early, to get ready when the new person came. Lou was a bit hesitant about their new guest; Jack had a good feeling about it, and Ty and Amy didn’t care because they kept thinking of each other.
Ty was thinking to himself as he was turning out the stalls. Thinking about how things have been a bit rough between him and Amy recently. But now he realized that she was acting kind of sweet around him; and the same with him to her. Ty realized they both wanted to be together again; but whenever he tries to talk about them, Amy says an excuse and leaves. Just then Amy showed up.
 “So, you having fun shoveling that manure?” She asked smiling.
 “Well I do it every day, but the pay that Jack gives me is ok, so I guess ya.”Ty said.
Amy laughed. “Lou just made lunch if you want to come back to the house; the person is coming at two.” She said.
“The “person”.” Ty laughed.
 “Well, whoever it is, is a person.” Amy commented.
 They both laughed as they headed back to the house.
They all had pancakes for a brunchy kind of lunch. Little Katelyn had her baby food.
Soon it was time, and Amy saw Clint’s car pulling up the driveway.
 “Ty, I’m a bit nervous like, what if we get someone we can’t handle.” She said.
“Well I’m sure this one won’t be as bad as I was.” He answered.
 Amy laughed, and then everyone headed outside to see their new guest.
Clint Riley got out of the car and shook hands with Jack
. “Good to see ya again Jack.” He said.
“Ya you too.” Jack answered.
“So I think you all have seen this here lad before.” Clint said as he motioned for him to get out of the car.
I don’t think anyone was surprised to see it was Badger.
 “So, ya it’s Badger, or at least he prefers to go by this name.” Clint said.
“Ok, Badger you’ll be bunking with Ty up in the loft above the barn.”
“How about I show you where you’ll be sleeping?” Jack said. “Ah, cool, I’ll just grab my stuff.” Badger answered.
“I wonder why Mallory isn’t here?” Amy whispered to Ty.
“Yeah she like wouldn’t stop going on about him.” Ty whispered back.
So Jack showed Badger where he’d be sleeping and working.
“So I have to shovel all this horse crap?” Badger asked.
“Yup, and do it again tomorrow, just like Ty does.” Jack said.
“Ty’s finished his probation though.” Badger commented.
“Well he just does it for money now.” Jack answered. “Wow he’s, crazy.” Badger said.
 “Well I guess there’s something about this place that keeps bringing him back.” Jack said as he turned his head toward the house, there was Ty and Amy laughing on the porch.
 Badger suddenly though of Mallory and all the moments they shared in the past. All they do was text now, and he really missed her. As Jack showed the rest of the place to Badger, Badger wondered where Mallory was.
That evening at supper Jack told Badger the history of Heartland. Badger asked many questions; inducing one:
 “Hey have any of you heard form Mallory?”
“Well she comes over every day, although expect she wasn’t around today.” Jack commented.
“She’s been talking about you.” Ty said. “She has?” asked Badger.
After supper Amy was sitting on the porch. She saw Ty come out and he sat beside her.
 “You know that was pretty sweet, he missed her too.” Amy said.
 “I mean about Badger and Mallory.”
“Sure ya did.” Ty thought.
“Amy, can I ask you something.” Ty asked.
“Ah, sure Ty.” Amy answered.
“Do you still like me?” Ty said.
 “Of course I do!” She answered.
“Then what’s going on between us, this is killing me!” “One minute your with me, the next your gone!” He said.
“I know we’ve been a bit shaky lately but I just didn’t know what to say to make it better; now I just made things worse!” Amy cried.
“Hey, it’s ok.” Ty said, as he tucked some of Amy’s hair behind her ear.
“Look, Ty I really, really miss us but I don’t know; what if we mess up again?” Amy confessed.
 “Well, will just take it one step at a time.” He answered. Then with that Ty moved in and closed the distance between them and kissed Amy.
 She kissed him back right away. Ty pulled away and said “So are we back to being boy and girlfriend?”
“Oh Ty!” Amy said, then went back to kissing him.
 “You didn’t answer me.” He said, his lips inches away from Amy’s.
 “Yes!” She declared.

Chapter 2 Complications
It was morning, Ty saw the sun creeping through the window. He was so glad He and Amy had patched things up and were back together. Ty felt like shouting out a big whoo hoo; but he couldn’t because badger was sleeping in the bed beside him. He just felt so in love with Amy right now; that he decided he just had to do something.
“A date.” Ty thought, and he knew just where.
That day stared off as a good one. Mallory phoned and said she was sick at home.
 “At least we don’t have to listen to the mouth that never stops!” Ty whispered to Amy.
 She laughed.
 Also another good thing to start the day off; Jack made his famous flap jacks, which everyone enjoyed with maple syrup.
After the flap jacks Amy went out to feed the horses. She had just finished giving Spartan some food when Ty came out to the barn. “How’s my Amy doing?” Ty asked as he came behind her and hugged her from behind.
 “Mmmm, good.” She said, and turned around to kiss him.
 “Hey, I got something special planed; you, me, dinner.” Ty said.
“Oh you’re going to take me to a fancy restaurant?” Amy asked.
 “No, even better.” Ty answered. “How about Saturday?” He asked.
 “Sounds good.” Amy replied.
That afternoon Shane, his mom and Tim came back from their trip. “Hey Amy, I missed you a lot!” Shane said.
 “Look what Tim got me from a shop just outside of Calgary!”
Amy saw him dangling a shark tooth necklace.
 “Wow! Now that’s pretty cool!” Amy exclaimed.
“Ya we had a lot of fun around there!” Shane said.
 “Oh, and Tim told me something pretty awesome too!” “Wait, maybe I should tell you later.” He added.
Later that day Amy decided to talk to her dad.
 “Hey dad, did you guys just stay around the outskirts of Calgary?”
“Shane said that he had a lot of fun around there.” Said Amy.
 “Yup, we just stayed around there.”
“You know you could have gone farther, or to better places.” Amy commented.
 “Well I didn’t want to go too far just in case if I needed to come home for my girls.” Tim said.
 “Oh, dad.” Amy said, and she hugged him.
Everyone knows that Tim and Miranda are an item. Although Tim hasn’t told his daughters the big news yet; that Shane is his son. Tim thought about telling Amy but he realized he should wait until Lou is around.
Suddenly Lou entered the room, with baby Katelyn in her arms.
 “Ahh, perfect timing Lou.” Tim announced.
“Now that you girls are both here I have something to tell you.” He exclaimed.
 “Jack told me I should tell you two soon or their might be problems.” Tim said.
“Are you and Miranda getting married?” Lou asked.
 “No, well at least not yet.” He said.
 “Well the thing is, you know Shane; well um, he’s my son.” Tim said.
 Amy and Lou looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.
“Wait, what?” Lou asked.
“You’re saying that Shane is your son?” Amy commented.
“Um ya, well you see, Miranda and I got together back in Grand Forks.”
 “Turns out, she had gotten  pregnant.”
 “We got some tests done a little while ago and well, I fit the bill one hundred percent.” Tim explained.
 “Well dad you could of told us this before!” Lou declared.
 “We just got the testing done!” Tim said
 “Oh, and when was this?” Amy asked.
“Well, a couple of months ago. Tim answered.
 “Oh, so you’ve been keeping this from us for awhile now!” Amy yelled, then she stormed off to her bedroom.
“Oh, come on Amy, it was hard telling you girls!” Tim shouted to Amy.
 Just then little Katelyn started crying. “I should probably change her.” Lou said.
 “Oh, ok.” Lou and Amy’s dad said.
 “Look we’ll talk latter.” Lou said with an annoyed tone in her voice.
 She then headed down the hall to the bathroom to change the baby.
“Ya, ok Lou you take your time.” Tim said.
Lou was very confused and a bit angry too. She couldn’t believe her dad would just drop this on them, like a bomb when she had quite a bit of stress as it is. A few tears rolled down Lou’s cheeks.
Amy was in her bedroom trying to take this all in. She hated change, and this was harsh. Hadn’t she gone through enough; her mom dying, everything that had gone on with Ty and the plane crash, Chase and Blair.
“Now this.” She thought to herself as she laid on her bed crying.
 All That time when Shane was taking about his dad, how he was in the rodeo; how he rode broncs, bulls, and bareback and got his rodeo card too. He was talking about her dad. Amy remembered when they came back from their trip and Shane said that her dad told him something pretty cool.
 “ Her dad must have just explained to him about that. Amy thought.”
“Why did dad have to get together with Miranda in the first place?” She thought.
 Amy really liked Shane, and enjoyed spending time with him, although she thought this was a bit much.
That evening at dinner, things were tense. Amy and Lou were still upset with their dad. Ty could tell something was up. After dinner Ty asked Amy if she wanted to help him do night check on the horses.
“Ya, sure, let’s go.” Amy answered.
Amy felt so relived to spend some time with Ty. She walked over to where he was getting some food for the hoses.
“Hey.” Amy said. As she came up and hugged him.
 “Hey, is everything ok?” Ty asked as he put his hands on her shoulders.
“Ah ya.” Amy answered.
 “Come on Amy, this is me you’re talking to.” Ty commented.
 “Well, dad just told Lou and I some, well some pretty odd news.” Said Amy.
 “Um, did he tell you?” Amy asked nervously.
“No, what is it?” Ty commented.
“Dad said that he had gotten together with Miranda in Grand Forks; well turns out she had gotten pregnant and well Shane that’s their son.” Amy explained.
 “What, really?” Ty asked.
 “Ya, it was quite a surprise; I’m still just trying to get used to all of this!” Amy commented.
 “So all this time Shane was talking about his dad?” Ty asked.
“He was talking about my dad!” Amy answered.
“Wow that’s crazy!” Said Ty.
 “I’m so mad at him; he kept this from Lou and I for quite a few months!” Amy declared.
“Maybe he just didn’t  know how to tell you guys.” Ty said.
 “Wait I thought you were on my side!” Amy said.
 “I am Amy, it’s just sometimes if you love a person it may be hard to tell them something that they may not want hear.” Ty commented.
 Amy thought about this for awhile.
“But, Ty I don’t like change!” Amy cried.
 “It’s ok.” Ty said hugging her.
 “You’ll get through this.”
 “I hope so.” Amy sniffled into his hoodie.
The next day Mallory was feeling better and she decided to come to Heartland. She had just biked up to the house, when she saw someone turning out the stalls. She thought this person looked liked Badger. “Badger?”, she called as she walked over to the barn.
 She saw Badger peek his head out and see her.
“Badger, Badger I can’t believe it!” She yelled as she ran and hugged him. “Oh, I missed you so much!” Mallory explained.

Chapter 3 Reuniting
“I think I missed you more!” Badger said as he leaned down to kiss her.
“So you’re the new person staying here now!” Mallory commented.
“Well I’m here on my probation.” Said Badger.
“Right!” Mallory answered.
 “Hey, we can still have fun!” Badger announced as he started tickling her.
“Hey, stop it!” Mallory giggled.
 “Now you better get back to work or Jack will get mad!” She explained.
“Oh, is that an order?” Badger asked playfully.
 “Maybe.” Mallory answered, taking off.
 “Oh you come back here!” Badger said chasing her.
Then Badger saw Mallory with the hose. “Oh you wouldn’t!” He exclaimed. “Wanna bet?” Mallory said, then she sprayed him. “Oh you’re going to get it!” Badger said, then he talked her to the ground and managed to get the hose. “No, Badger, no!” Mallory laughed as he sprayed her. Mallory tried to get the hose back from him, but she just got wetter. “Wait I know what to do!” Mallory exclaimed. She started tickling him. “Oh, no Mallory stop it!” Badger laughed. Mallory was then able to get the hose. “Ha, look who’s got it now!” Said Mallory, spraying him. Then she jumped on his back, spraying his head. “Oh, I’m going to get you know!” He said wrestling her to the ground and tickling her. All of a sudden someone came out on the porch. They both stood up to see who it was. They saw Jack walking over to them. “Uh oh!” Mallory thought. “Oh, I see you’ve met our new worker, Mallory!” Jack said. “Although he sure doesn’t seem to be working!” Jack said eyeballing Badger. “Oh and while you’re at it, you two should change your all wet and turn off that hose!” He yelled, then headed back to the house. “I told you to get back to work!” Mallory declared. “Well, you did kind of start it!” He answered. “No, I didn’t!” Mallory said shoving him, then headed inside to change.
After supper Amy sat on the couch and read her book. Ty came up and sat beside her. “What book you, reading?” He asked. “Oh, Mallory talked me into reading Pride and Prejudice.” Said Amy. “It’s good, but some of the old English language is a bit confusing!” She added. “Oh, talking about Mallory, I heard from Jack that she saw Badger today and they got wet with the hose!” Ty commented. “Aww, they had a water fight!” Amy said. “I heard that they got in quite a bit of trouble!” Ty added. “Oh, that’s Grandpa!” Said Amy. Just then, Amy saw Miranda come in to get her purse. Shane and her have been staying at the dude ranch since they got here. There wasn’t enough room for them to stay in the house anyway and Amy knew that Grandpa probably wouldn’t agree to it. “Oh, hey guys just came to get my purse.” Miranda said. Amy just stared at her, whishing her to leave. “Well, goodnight you two.” Miranda said then retreated to the cabin at the dude ranch. Amy snuggled into Ty’s hoodie, and then Ty bent down and kissed her lips. “Oh, finally you guys are back together!” Mallory announced as she came through the living room. Ty and Amy both looked up at her. “Ya I know I’ve been sick and I’ve missed a lot, but I’m getting there.” Mallory said. “Hey Mallory are you wearing my clothes?” Amy asked. “Oh, ya!” “I got wet today, I’ll give them back tomorrow I promise!” Mallory said then she headed home. “Wow!” Amy commented. “Oh Mallory!” Said Ty. Right then, Lou entered the room with little Katelyn in her arms. “Hey Kate babe.” Amy called to her little niece. “I’m trying to put her to sleep.” Lou announced. “Didn’t you hear her crying?” She asked. “Nope.” Amy answered. “Oh, that’s weird, well luckily she stopped crying now.” Lou added. Lou pulled out a bottle of milk for the baby. “I decided I’d try feeding her from a bottle for a while.” Lou said. Just then Peter entered the room. Just recently, Peter had set up a job for himself. He had started up a corporation called “Canada Computer Support”; where he would fix computers, and give people advice on their computers, just from at home at Heartland on his computer. Although he still had quite a lot to do. “Hey honey I’m going to bed now, really tired.” He said to Lou. “Ok darling.” Lou answered. Peter came over to her and kissed his wife, then kissed his little baby girl then went to bed.


Chapter 4 The Date
Amy woke up to the sun shining through her window. It was going to be a beautiful day today! Also a good thing about today, it was Saturday; this was the day Ty promised he would do something special with her for dinner. Amy was so excited; she couldn’t wait to spent the evening with him!
That morning Mallory and Badger left on a trail ride and Jack was not to happy.
“I’m starting to regret bringing this boy here!” Jack said to Lou. “He hardly ever works!” He yelled.
Ty pulled up a chair beside Amy at the breakfast table.
 “Hey, babe!” Ty said then gave her a kiss. “So, you excited about tonight?” He asked.
“Oh of course I am!” She said kissing his face. “Having dinner with you is just an excuse to spend more time with you!” Amy added.
 “Oh, I like the way you think, Miss Flemming!” Ty commented, then tucked a strand of hair behind Amy’s ear.
 Just that simple gesture left shivers down her spine and butterflies in her stomach. Amy looked into Ty’s eyes; it was as if she could see into his soul.
“I’m really glad we got back together, Ty!” Amy confessed.
“Me too!” He answered, grabbing her face and kissing her intently.
 All of a sudden they heard someone coming in. Amy didn’t care if someone came in she felt like kissing Ty forever.
 “Hey, Amy!” Shane called from the entrance.
 “Man it’s Shane!” Amy whispered.
 “I thought you liked him?” Ty asked.
“I do, but I want to be with you!” Amy added.
 Just then Lou entered the room.
“Hey, can you go deal with Shane?” Amy whispered to Lou.
 “No, he’s your problem!” Lou whispered back.
Shane entered the room. “Hey Amy, can you help me with my jumping lessons?” Shane asked.
 Amy looked at Ty. “Go ahead.” He said.
 “I’ll be right back!” She said kissing Ty’s head.
Amy and Shane headed out to the barn to saddle up his horse Pal.

“You and Amy sure have something special!” Lou commented.
“Mmm, we sure do!” Ty answered.
Back outside Amy was training  Shane and his horse how to jump. Though they were just at the very beginning.
Amy’s cell phone rang. It was her best friend Soraya. “Hey, Amy I’m free at lunch; do you want to come and have lunch with me at the diner?” Asked Soraya. “Sure, I’d love to!” Amy replied.
That afternoon Amy had lunch with Soraya at “Maggie’s Diner”. “I’m reaaly happy for you that you and Ty got back together!” Soraya said. “Thanks, I missed him a lot too!” Amy answered. “So, how’s things going with you?” Amy asked. “Good, my mother finally gave me a raise!” She explained. “Oh that’s definitely something to be excited about!” Amy laughed. “Ha! Ya, I thought she’d never give me a raise!” Soraya replied. “Oh, also a good thing; Ben is back living with his aunt.” “He seems to be acting a whole lot nicer and he’s not seeing anyone so maybe I’ll give him a chance!” Said Soraya. “Hmm, Ben with an attitude change this I have to see!” Amy commented. Soraya laughed.
After lunch Amy and Soraya came back to Heartland to go for a short trail ride. The wind blew slightly through their hair while riding through a meadow. They stopped at the stream the hoses have a drink. Soraya washed Jasmines legs then patted the horses back.
 Amy was glad to spend some time with her best friend. Soon though Soraya would be going back to school. Amy had been looking into going to college and taking an equine science course; although she wasn’t sure. Amy liked working at Heartland with the horses just like her mother did.
Later that day Soraya went back to work and Amy finished up on one of the client hoses. It had been a long day and Amy was a bit tired.
Amy heard a knock on her bedroom door. She opened it and saw Ty. He was dressed in good jeans and a nice dressy shirt.
“It’s five o clock.” He announced.
 “Oh my goodness I totally forgot, I must have fallen asleep!” Amy answered.
“Don’t worry, I’ll let you get dressed.” Ty said. He kissed her cheek then closed the bedroom door and walked out to the porch.
 Amy looked franticly through her closet, wondering what to wear. Amy realized she shouldn’t wear something too dressy because he was wearing jeans.
“Lou…!” Amy called desperately through the hallway.
“What!” She came up to the doorway holding Katelyn against her hip.
 “I have no idea what to wear on my date with Ty!” Amy cried.
“Hey, look we’ll find something.” Lou said. Then she put little Katelyn down on Amy’s bed and started looking through her closet.
 “How about this dress Lisa gave you?” Lou asked.
 “That’s too dressy!” “He’s wearing a pair of jeans and a dressy shirt!” Explained Amy.
“Ok, let’s see now!” Lou said. She pulled a pair of purple leggings out of a dresser, then found a cute little purple and white check dress. “Not too dressy, but a bit casual.” Lou declared.
 “Oh my goodness this is perfect Lou!” Amy said
 “I have a nice little white button up cardigan sweater that will go great with this!” Amy added as she fished through her dresser then pulled it out.
Amy changed into her outfit then, Lou stuck two sparkly clips in her hair. They both looked at the baby on Amy’s bed. She had fallen asleep. “She’s sure a good baby!” Amy commented.
 “Oh ya, way better than I ever was!” Lou said.
 Amy rushed out to the front entrance. She realized she had a chance to wear her new fancy cowboy boots, Lisa gave her. Amy quickly put the boots on, called out to Lou saying thanks, then she went out the door.
“Sorry I took so long!” Amy said.
 Though she didn’t see Ty on the porch.  Amy looked around for him. Amy saw Spartan and Harley saddled and ready for a ride. She turned her head a little to the right and saw Ty standing behind Harley. Amy ran over, into his arms. “A trail ride, you and me, how romantic!” Amy declared. “Well, not just a trail ride, a trail ride with a picnic dinner!” He explained. “Oh I love you!” Amy said kissing his lips. “Well we better head out before it gets dark.” Ty said. “Right!” Amy replied. Then she went over and hopped on Spartan.
They had a really great ride, it was a bit of a cool evening so it was perfect. Ty moved Harley over to spot by the river, Amy followed. There was a nice grassy spot there. “Is this a good spot for dinner?” Ty asked. “Ya, it’s perfect!” Amy agreed. Ty brought out a blanket and a small basket of food, from Harleys satchel. Amy sat down on the blanket and looked over to where the horses were drinking happily from the river. Ty sat down beside her and opened up the basket. He had grabbed some stuff from Maggie’s in a hurry. Amy pulled out some burgers and fries. “I hope you like it!” Ty announced. “It’s awesome Ty!” “Thanks!” Replied Amy. “Oh, I got some juice boxes too.” Ty added. “Oh you know I’m a juice a fan!” Amy said as she brought them out of the basket. They ate in silence, looking around at the scenery; just being in each other’s presence seemed to be enough for them.
After their supper Amy laid down and closed her eyes. She felt the sun beating down and it felt good.
Ty looked at Amy at her small figure, her beautiful face; right then Ty felt so in love with her, more than he ever felt before. He realized he had to do something. Then he remembered the engagement ring he got, in his back pocket. Ty thought back to the day he asked Jack and Tim.
It was around a week or so ago. Ty had gotten the ring originally to solve the conflict between them and to get back together, because he knew then they both were waiting to patch things up.
Ty tried to pick a time where he could talk to Jack and Tim about it at the same time. He didn’t want to repeat what had happened when Peter asked about Lou. Ty decided to invite Tim for dinner that night, that way he could talk to both of them after. Ty waited after dinner for Lou and Amy to excuse themselves from the table. Then he had his chance. Tim was getting ready to leave and Jack was still sitting at the table. “Hey, Tim!” Ty called. “Can you come over here for a sec, I wanna say something.” “Fine, but make it quick though!” Tim added. “Well actually I wanted to talk to you and Jack about something.” Said Ty. “Oh!” Tim commented. Jack turned around to face them. “Well, I’m asking you two for Amy’s hand in marriage.” Ty said. “Wait, you’re asking about marrying my daughter?” Tim asked. “She’s too young, she’s way to young!” Tim added. Jack took a drink of his water. “Well, I guess it’s all right, as long as you two work things out though!” Said Jack. “Oh so you’re agreeing to this Jack!” Tim announced. “Aren’t they both too young!” Tim added. “I’m sure their mature enough to get through.” Jack said. “Cool!” Ty thought. He had Jack’s approval. “If you do go through with this Ty, make sure you don’t mess up!” Tim confessed. “So I guess were good then!” Ty said. He was glad he was able to get them both to agree.
Ty looked over at Spartan and Harley grazing softly on the grass. Then he looked back at Amy. He moved closer to her, then realized she was asleep. Ty leaned over and touched her cheek, Amy’s eyes fluttered open. “Oh, sorry was I asleep, don’t think I sleep that much last night! Amy said. “Don’t worry about it!” He said. Closing the distance between them. Amy gripped his face pulling him closer to her lips. His hair smelled sweet like, honey and lavender. “Or maybe that’s his cologne.” Amy thought, as she breathed him in. Ty moved and started kissing her all the way down her neck. That tickled Amy a bit and she giggled. As the sun beated softly down on them, Amy laid across Ty’s bare chest. She felt like she could stay like this forever.
Just then, Ty sat up and realized he should give her the ring; although he didn’t feel quite ready. Amy held tight to him and had her head on his shoulder. Ty decided they should go for a short ride, then after he’d give it to her. “Hey, Amy how about we go for a short trail ride?” He asked. “Hmm, sounds good!” Amy answered. Then walked over to Spartan.

Chapter 5 A Change of Plans
“Hey wait for me!” Ty called as he buttoned up his shirt.
“Well hurry up slow poke!” Amy said smiling.
 Ty came over and hopped onto Harley. They both trotted off side by side.
“Hey, Ty do you want to have a race to the forest over there?” Amy asked.
 “Sure, you’re on!” He replied.
 Then Amy took off in front of him.
 “Hey, cheater!” Ty yelled.
Amy got way ahead of Ty, he could barely see her. Ty made Harley go faster, he tried to catch up with her. Finally Ty was able to catch up to her near the forest. They had just reached the forest when Amy looked back at Ty and smiled. She didn’t look where she was going and a snake spooked Spartan causing him to go even faster through the forest.
 “Amy, pull up!” Ty called.
 Amy tried but she couldn’t. Ty went after her, trying to get her to stop. Amy went faster and faster. Suddenly Spartan stopped and threw Amy off the saddle. She felt the ground beneath her as she fell down, and down some more. Everything went blurry and she felt numb, then everything went black.
Ty had just gotten there and he saw Spartan taking off, without Amy on his back. He got off Harley and called to her; then he looked down and saw her in the stream unconscious laying against a rock.
He called 911 immediately on his cell phone. The ambulance service came and she was lifted into a helicopter and transported to the Calgary hospital. Ty went back to the house and told Jack and Lou and they all went straight to the hospital.
Amy was in pretty bad condition, there were scrapes on her face, and she had a broken rib, arm, and she was in a comma.
“This was all my fault!” Ty thought to himself crying.
 “I’ts going to be ok Ty!” Jack said hugging him.
 “No, it’s not!” “It’s all my fault this happened to her!” Ty said tears streaming down his cheeks.
 “Now Ty it’s not your fault, sometimes things happen like this!” Jack answered.
“I said to Amy that we should go for a short ride then we went for a race and a snake spooked Spartan and, and then I saw Amy unconscious in the stream!”
“It’s not your fault Ty!” “That snake spooked Spartan, it was totally unexpected!” Jack said
“Ya I guess!” Ty said then walked out of the room.
 Lou was sitting beside her sister in a chair crying. Jack walked out of the room to check on Ty. Ty was sitting on the ground outside the room. Jack sat down beside him and put his arm around Ty’s shoulders.
These passing days were really hard for Ty he stayed by Amy’s bedside the whole time. He was afraid to leave. Lisa had helped out with the family a lot she made dinner for the family a few times, looked after Katelyn so the family could be at the hospital and took charge of the dude ranch. Lisa also managed to come and see Amy a bunch of times too.
One night while Ty was lying on his bed, He thought to himself “What if I’m losing her!”
 He couldn’t imagine life without Amy! It would break his heart. She had been in a coma for three weeks so far. It was already the middle of September, Ty didn’t know what to do, but to keep holding on. There was nothing else he could do.
The next day Ty went back to the hospital and sat in the chair beside Amy holding her hand. He thought he saw her twitch her nose
 “Amy!” He called, squeezing her hand a bit tighter. There was no response. Ty was running out of hope and he was depressed and lonely. That evening Caleb and Ashley came to see Amy. Soraya had been coming a bunch of times to see Amy too.
 That evening Ty went home early, he was tired. He went straight to bed when he got to his loft. That night Ty dreamed about Amy. He dreamed they were together, sitting on a hill overlooking the sunset. He held her face in his hands about to kiss her, then she disappeared. Ty woke up immediately. It was morning and the sun was shining through.
 “That dream felt so real!” Ty thought.
 Though he didn’t want Amy to disappear. He got up and got dressed and headed over to the house to get some breakfast. Jack had just gotten up when Ty was about to head out.
 “Where you headed to this early?” Jack asked.
 “To the hospital, to see Amy.” Ty replied.
Jack realized Ty needed to spend some time with Amy, the doctor didn’t know if Amy would come to focus any time soon.
Ty arrived at the hospital at 8:00 am. He ran up the stairs to the floor she was on. He ran down the hall to her bedroom. The door was closed. Ty opened it, no nurses or visitors were in there. Ty sat down in the chair beside Amy and held her hand. He held it up to his face, and a few tears escaped.
“Oh Lord, please help Amy.”
“Keep her alive, please!” Ty prayed.
 A few more tears escaped from his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. Just then Ty heard a faint cough from the bed. He smiled and squeezed her hand. Amy’s eyes opened.
“Where am I?”She asked.
“Oh, thank you Lord!” Ty exclaimed.
“Ty, is that you?” Amy asked.
 “Yes, it is and Amy it’s ok, everything is going to be fine.” Ty said to her kissing her forehead. Now Ty was sure of it.
 “Am I in the hospital?” Amy asked.
 “Yes you are.” “A snake spooked your horse and you fell down a cliff into the stream.” He said. “Everything is ok now.” Ty added stroking her cheek.
“Where’s Spartan?” Amy asked.
 “Mallory found him in front of the house and she put him in the barn.” He answered.
 “Oh good.” Amy breathed a sigh of relief.
 “Oh, Amy!” Ty said tears rolling down his cheeks.
 “I’m here, it’s alright.” She said putting her hand up to his face.
Ty put his hand over hers, then moved in to kiss her face. Amy was so glad Ty was here, kissing her. She had missed a lot, but right now all she cared about was Ty and her.
Later that morning Ty called the rest of the family and told them the news. Everyone was overjoyed with happiness and Jack and Lou came straight away.
It would take a while for Amy to heal completely; she had a few broken bones and a concussion too. She was told by the doctor that she had to stay at the hospital for two more weeks until her head heals and her concussion goes away. Amy was quite dizzy; though she was glad she was recovering. She just had to take it one day at a time.
Amy woke up one morning and realized it was October 1st. Today was the day she was to go home! Amy had missed her friends and especially her horse Spartan. She tried not to think of the fact that Spartan threw her of the saddle and in result she ended up in the hospital. Amy tried to tell herself it wasn’t Spartan’s fault it was that snake that spooked him. She tried to think of something more positive, and remembered that she was going home.
She got dressed, but needed a bit of assistance from the nurse because of her broken arm, and rib. Amy thought to herself
 “I sure am going to have a hard time of it at home; I won’t be able to ride the horses, and I’ll have a hard time getting around!”
Later that afternoon Amy heard a knock at her hospital room door. She got up to see who it was. Ty poked his head in the door, and a smile appeared on Amy’s face. Jack was there too. They had come to take Amy home.

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